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Ready to Start

Riverscape provides people  with access to transformative and affordable mental and holistic health care.

We Welcome

All Races
All Religions
All Sexual Orientations
All Gender Identities and Expressions
All Countries of Origin
All Disabilities
All Ethnicities
All Bodies
All People


Individual Counseling

Provide individual therapy to adults by utilizing an integrative and holistic approach to healing. Our main goal is to guide you towards feeling a sense of wholeness and balance. 

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Child/Teen Counseling

We find creative avenues to connect with our clients in meaningful ways that open up opportunities for personal growth.

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Inclusive Counseling 

 LGBTQ+ affirming and socially justice-oriented therapists, we endeavor to create a safe and open therapeutic space.

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We are Riverscape Counseling Indy




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Let us help you move towards a deeply connected, rich, and grounded sense of self and a meaningful life. As culturally-sensitive therapists, We offer a caring, non-judgmental, and safe space. We can work together to help you find balance and move towards a sense of wholeness in your life. I strongly believe that the therapeutic process is a collaborative process and tailor my approach to you and your needs

Keep going, sis. The sky is the limit.
~ Susan

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Our Process

Step 1.

First Session/Intake Assessment: During your first session, we will dive deeper into what is specifically going on and what symptoms you are experiencing. we will ask you more detailed questions so we can really understand what you are struggling with and what you are looking for help with in therapy.

We will make sure we are a good fit to work together and that We can help you before we schedule
more sessions. If for some reason, therapy will not be appropriate with us, we will provide you with some amazing referrals to therapists that have are specialties to help you with the specific issues you are struggling with.


Schedule Weekly Therapy Sessions: Therapy is scheduled for weekly 50-minute sessions to provide consistency and to keep moving forward with the work you are doing.


Ending Therapy: We create your goals and discuss how and when you know that you have met your goals during our first session together. We will regularly check in about your progress towards your goals. Our  goal is for you to achieve your goals and move on from therapy!

Let's Work

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”


Some major changes in life are exciting and good. Others not so much. Even with positive changes, you may experience anxiety, stress, worry, or grief. Whether you are in the midst of a big or small transition, some changes can be difficult to traverse alone. If this rings true , you could benefit from counseling.

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You deserve to feel seen, heard, and understood.
You deserve to believe in yourself.
You deserve to feel ease in life and stop struggling.
You deserve to love yourself

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