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About Us


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Riverscape Counseling Indy provides high-quality and effective psychotherapeutic services in Indianapolis. The staff offers each patient a unique and individualized treatment plan to give you the quickest and longest lasting results.

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How can we Help You

We provide Mental Health services for children , teens and adults. Each clinician has undergone a rigorous training and hiring process. When you work with one of the therapists at our center, you are working with the best that Indianapolis has to offer.  

Riverscape Counseling was created as a safe space for clients to confidentially work through issues that negatively impact their lives. All diverse groups are welcome, including those with new HIV/AIDS diagnosis, the LGBT community, the arts community, and the underprivileged.

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Fun Facts

Do you take insurance?

Yes, We accept Anthem, Cigna and Aetna, but please call your insurance company and check to verify. We can also help . 937-319-4448

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Yes!  Our sliding scale is for those people who don't have insurance.  It starts at $100 for intake and $80 for sessions after and goes up from there, depending on your income.  Proof of income is required.

How do I make an appointment?

Please send an email to if you’d like to make an appointment. You can also call 937-319-4448. 

If you are using insurance, please include a photo of your insurance card AND your complete date of birth so that we can verify your insurance benefits and email you an explanation of how much your insurance will and will not cover (and what you can expect your out of pocket costs to be).


Ashlyn Eades


I believe in a collaborative approach to therapy and that the therapist client relationship is essential to achieve a desired outcome. I provide a supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental stance, while also motivating and challenging clients to explore new horizons towards their desired outcomes.

The Crew

Meet the team behind this effort


Marni Crabtree-Davison


Therapy is an active process-an ongoing back and forth dialogue with me and yourself. It involves

building relationships, slowing down and listening, sharing and being heard, creating and supporting

goals, trust and trusting in the process, taking time for self-awareness and healthy growth, using inherent strengths when building new skills and celebrating gratitude and positivity as well.

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Mindy McCutchan
LMHCA Intern

She is a life-long learner and believes there is always room for growth and new beginnings -- a belief she embodies as a returning adult student making a life/career change. She approaches counseling with an Existential-Humanistic philosophy which speaks to focusing on the here & now and takes a holistic view of each client and their presenting concerns. She strives to bring her authentic self, flaws & all, into each session to create a safe space for honest sharing and reflection.

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Let's Work

Therapy for your mind , body and soul

“When she started letting go, her vision became clearer. The present felt more manageable and the future began to look open and full of bright possibilities. As she shed the tense energy of the past, her power and creativity returned to her. With a revitalized excitement, she focused on building a new life where joy and freedom were abundant.”
— Yung Pueblo

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